Sk8er Girl: War Wounds

I’m a real Grrl now!

(yes, I am at work. This is Lillie’s office.)

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Sk8er Girl: Gravity Works

Lee fall down go boom.
More later.

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Why I’m Glad I’m on Facebook, #675

Best slumber party ever. New Year’s Eve, the night of the blue moon. I wasn’t even feeling that well, but I went anyway because it was the five of us, the NT’s (non-twits). We made cookies, and Jesse had her guitar so we sang about leaving on jet planes, and at midnight we went outside and laid in the grass and tried to commune with the dead, or lift each other with our fingers or something…that part gets a bit fuzzy. I think I might even have my party favor cracking the binding of the green journal I used that year. I even remember the song we made up that night.

"Trish, Lee, Margo, Casey & Me…we’re having just as much fun…as could be-eee-eee." Yes, we were horrible writers even then. But we were writers.

Those were the days: Jesse, Me, Trish, Margo, & Casey

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Harlan County Horrors

It’s been a long time in the making, but Harlan County Horrors is going to be released this fall, just in time to creep you out for Halloween. (You know, in case Kentucky doesn’t creep you out at any other time of the year.) And we have a cover! Woohoo!

The authors include:

Alethea Kontis ("The Witch of Black Mountain")
Debbie Kuhn
Earl Dean
Geoffrey Girard
Jason Sizemore
Jeremy C. Shipp
Maurice Broaddus
Robby Sparks
Stephanie Lenz
Steven Shrewsbury
TL Trevaskis
Ronald Kelly
(I was pretty sure Mary Robinette Kowal was in on this one too, but let me check.)

Be sure to keep an eye on the Apex website for updates!

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The Godfather

As some of you may not know, my esteemed Godfather is Nectar Rorris, founder and former owner of the world famous Nectar’s Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont where the band Phish got their big break. In honor of that–and in honor of The Best French Fries With Gravy in the World–Phish named their fifth studio album "A Picture of Nectar." The man’s face on the orange is, indeed, my godfather — the man who introduced my parents…and got my father so drunk on ouzo the night before his wedding that he had to leave the service three times to be sick.

The spinning sign was made a historical monument so that it could
remain standing after a downtown sign ordinance was passed.

Several years ago, Burlington declared January 27th to be Nectar Rorris Day. (You see what I have to live up to!?!)  In honor of this special occasion, I urge you to have some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Cabot cheese, and maple syrup. (Hopefully not all at the same time.)

I hope you all have a groovy day!

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Can we call it the Hurley Awards?

While “Blood & Water” missed the preliminary Stoker ballot, it has been brought to my attention that it is still eligible for the Hugo Awards.

And it’s still available to read for free at IGMS.

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Can we call it the Hurley Award?

While "Blood & Water" missed the preliminary Stoker ballot, it has been brought to my attention that it is still eligible for the Hugo Awards.

And it’s still available to read for free at IGMS.

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The Year of the Ox

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Ox is the second sign of the Chinese zodiac. Like its predecessor and complement, the Rat, it signifies new beginnings. The main difference is the Ox is associated with building to last and slow but sure action. Even more so than last year we all have to make good choices, as that which is begun now is likely to have long term consequences.

As with last year, this is an Earth year. The difference is this one is yin rather than yang. It is thus likely to be less tumultuous. On a personal level, better results are more likely to be achieved by reacting to circumstances and going with the flow rather than aggressively charging forward and initiating a lot of action.

Read the rest of the year’s forecast here.

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Will the real B-52 please stand up?

I met up with Nicole and her posse this Saturday at Vanderbilt’s "All About Women" convention. Free admission, free health screenings, free advice, free hand and chair massages, free hairstyling and makeup, even demos of home maintenance by Home Depot (they actually had a mini house BUILT in the center where they gave talks), and free demos of the much talked-about Wii Fit (when would I ever have had an occasion to see one?)

So here’s the famous hairdo. Three people told me I looked like Amy Winehouse. But we all know Kate Pierson did it first.

Showing off at the world famous Exit/In in Nashville

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Tea in Space: Blood Moon

Check out or new official icon! Woohoo!! We are so sexy.

Join Janet, Kitti, Lillie and me for tea and conversation, as we discuss the universe of genre fiction. This month, we partake of some lovely blackberry tea and discuss MR Sellars’ latest effort, Blood Moon.

Click here to listen.

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