This is so awesome, my geekness exploded. (And not just because the article used pics from the Doctor Who episode "Being Human.")

You should all endeavor to do something awesome with your Leap Second tonight.
Make a wish. Make it a good one.

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Oh, FUN.

On this, the last morning of 2008, I have made a brilliant discovery that will affect the rest of my life forever:

Wheat is one of my migraine triggers.

If you’d like to know more about migraines (and some of the foods that are major triggers), you can read about them online (like here). Dr. Theda also highly recommends this book: Heal Your Headache. Reading that book saved me a trip to the dentist to have my bite corrected during one of my worst episodes.

I’m hoping that one day, I’ll actually be excited about this. (Probably sometime when I don’t have a headache.)I’ve suffered with terrible headaches most of my life, so it’s old hat (pun intended) at this point. I can’t actually imagine my life improving. But a New Year is as good a time as any to start trying.

May 2009 bring a better life to us all!

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My Haiku

I used nihilistic_kid ‘s haiku generator and came up with this one for me:

odd people roaming
the grounds what a wonderful
magical place this

I like it.

Here’s the link if you want to make your own!

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Happy Days Meme Five

Technically it’s not "day five" anymore, but who’s counting? I’ll still make it to eight.

Thing that made me happy today: irony.

I realized, after going over my exhaustive list of movies this weekend (while on the crosstrainer at the gym working off all those sausage balls), that 1.) most of the films I watched were period pieces which 2.) have some amazing costumes that 3.) display the virtues–or lack thereof–of the lead characters’ bosoms. Keira, Gwyneth, Hilary, Natalie… I’ve gotta say — there are some skinny ass chicks running around Hollywood these days.

Tops on the list of This Weekend in Movies’ curvy women: the classic Rosemary Clooney.

Second place?
Lindsay Lohan.

Pre rehab days, obviously.

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It’s All Soteria’s Fault

For Christmas, my sister (who owns this place) sent me a bunch of DVDs. So instead of waking up Saturday morning and calling my family and thanking them properly for my gifts, I finished PS, I Love You (the book) curled up on the couch, and hid from the world for 48 hours…well, until Kelli Dunlap called me and forced me to do the laundry and dishes and take down the Christmas tree.

Soteria and I grew up loving the same cheesy flicks — and we still have that in common — but sometimes Sam’s tastes (only people who knew her in the 20th Century can call her Sam) get a bit highbrow and foreign…and some of the humor escapes me. (I am one of those people who really didn’t get Napoleon Dynamite. But it had a great ending.) I had requested two movies — Holes and Love, Actually — the latter replaced my trashed copy, and the former I ended up watching 2 days before Eartha Kitt died…a timely tribute. (If you haven’t seen Holes, you need to. And read the book. Not necessarily in that order.)

So here’s a quick summary of my weekend, with thoughts:
Atonement — pretty good. Not an uplifting ending. Obvious "We Want an Oscar!" overtones. Lots of silent people looking beautiful and wistful.
School of Rock, Mean Girls, and Shakespeare in Love — all movies I already owned, but after a morning of Atonement and PS, I Love You, I needed to STOP being depressed.
Meet Bill — I made it half an hour into this movie. If it’s funny, I haven’t gotten there yet.
Eagle Vs. Shark — Ditto. Sam’s going to kill me because I just couldn’t get into it. She’s been going on and on about it for months. Folks who are fans of Napoleon Dynamite (and Flight of the Conchords) will love it.
In Bruges — Lots of talking, but the dialogue is worth it. And the dwarf rocks. Two Thumbs Up.
Boondock Saints — because I hadn’t had enough of Irish brogue after In Bruges, and I hadn’t seen it in a while.
The Other Boleyn Girl — pretty good. Worth a rent. when you’re in the mood for period drama. After Star Wars, we all needed to remember Natalie Portman could act.
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer — Damn, this movie was awesome. AWESOME. Go find it. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is an bit of an eighteenth-century Dexter. You will be as intrigued as you are creeped out.
The Affair of the Necklace: I got this flick a long time ago and was holding onto it until I was in the mood for period drama. After Boleyn Girl and Perfume, I figured what the heck. It wasn’t bad, actually. Worth a rent.
White Christmas — I watch this one every year. And so should you. Vera-Ellen might not have been able to sing (I heard Rosemary Clooney dubbed all her tracks), but that woman could DANCE.

Oh my gosh…I DID waste the weekend.
How wonderful.

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Happy Days Meme: Day Four

Merry Christmas, everyone!

What made me happy today: Emily.

She’s certainly not the only thing that made me happy today — phone calls from family and far away friends, meeting Mary Robinette’s grandmother, the infamous centenarian, and feasting on homemade pickles and sausage balls while Mary and I sat on the well in the sunshine. It’s Christmas, after all, and Christmas in a house full of family — even if they’re only yours by adoption — is inherently happy-making.

But there’s a special story from my childhood: a story about board games. One of my favorites is SORRY!, the old school Parker Brothers game before they went and monkeyed with them all in an effort to make them"better." (Which is why you should buy all your board games at the Goodwill.) The best thing about SORRY! was that you could play it all by yourself. Yes, it technically required two players, but you didn’t need an actual body sitting in that other seat — Player Two’s moves were always dictated by a turn of the card.

I know this because it’s something that I did — often. I remember being six years old, in Vermont — Cherie and West would have been 20 and 18, respectively, and Sami would have only been 4, and while she learned to love SORRY! in her older years, she was too squirmy and useless at age four. As much as I begged, Cherie was too worried about her boyfriend (later husband) and West just wanted to sit on the couch and draw pictures of Vampires that would gross me out and give me nightmares. So I played SORRY! all by myself. Well…mostly by myself. It was me and my invisible friend Emily.

Emily was my age, with blonde hair that she wore in two braids. She wore a white, long-sleeved shirt and overalls. And she would always play SORRY! with me and never complain. (Two things it was difficult for anyone in my family to accompish.)

So here I am, stuffed full of happy and Christmas, watching the family at the other end of the table play the Charlie Brown Christmas board game that Emily got for Christmas. That’s right…six-year-old, blonde Emily. She’s on a team with her big sister, who’s 18. And they just won the game.

I will never ceased to be amazed at what a wonderful, magical place this world is.
Especially on Christmas.

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Happy Days meme: Day Three

The "best" way I’ve found so far of curling my hair has been sleeping in perm rollers with newly-dry just-after-a-shower hair. The unfortunate thing is that these are twenty-year-old perm rollers, so the ones that don’t tear half my hair out end up breaking when the elastic loses to the strain of too many years.

Last night I stopped by the Target near work (which wasn’t the horribleawful experience I thought it might be) and stopped by the hair aisle to see if I could get some new rollers. I found some Conair Head-to-Toe spiral rollers — I tried some kind of like this back in the day, so I figured I’d give them a shot.

They were harder to sleep in than I thought they’d be (when I do this again I will try a different pillow), and of course it’s raining today, so the curl is already falling out and will probably be completely gone by the time I leave work for my fancy Christmas Eve dinner.

But for ten minutes this morning, my hair looked AWESOME.
Happy thing number three.

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Happy Days meme: Day Two

Thing that made me happy today: caffeine.

Which reminds me…what exactly *is* on the end of the Starbucks swizzle stick? Is this a mermaid with a cup of coffee? Really? Is she flying? Coffee doesn’t steam underwater…


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You’ve Been Idolized

The iPunk Team here at Ingram was having waaaaaay too much fun yesterday…and the virtual soundtrack was Billy Idol. For your musical earworm enjoyment, my dear friend Hampton Ryan brings to us the Idolized version of "White Christmas":

Hey little Santa what have I done?
Hey little Santa I’m a good one.
Hey little Santa I want a superman
Hey little Santa that is what I want
Hey little Santa I want a shotgun

It’s a nice day to snow again
It’s a nice day for a White Christmas
It’s a nice day to…SNOW AGAIN…c’mon, it’s a nice day for a White Christmas…

Check out Billy singing the old school version here.

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T-Minus 2 Days & Counting…

It’s almost here.

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