Happy HalloWeird

For your creepy Halloween pleasure, a one-minute sci-fi horror story by J.M. McDermott, courtesy of Weird Tales.

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Sk8er Girl: Week Three: Little Devil’s Night

Sk8er Grrls: Kitti, Lee, & Lillie

In hindsight, I should have thrown my wings in the backseat. At least then I would have been prepared for Halloween Skate Night! I figured it would be our usual crowd of nobody–and less than nobody because Cherie and the gang had popped off to the Brentwood Roller Rink for the evening. Turns out, Rock Springs Elementary was having a Halloween costume bash. The costumes were great! And we had fun right alongside them.

I didn’t try out speed skates, because the skill level had gone up quite high — do you know how hard it is to NOT hit kids barreling at you on wheels from all directions? Kitti and I decided that we needed to make a skating video game, with Halloween Party being the highest level. Watch out for Optimus Prime! Here comes the Japanese fairy!And there’s the three-foot Dorothy Gale, like a pigtailed, pinafored heat-seeking missile, headed right for you and ready to dive in your path. But wait…now there’s TWO OF THEM!

My knee is killing me today, but I didn’t fall, not once. (Which is probably why my knee hurts more, from dodging flying kids.) And no blisters this time — I brought insoles and wore only one pair of socks, since Stacy passed along the advice that two socks aid in magic blister manufacturing.

Next week: Speed Skates
Today: Halloween!

Best costume of the night…AND she won the race!

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Devil’s Night Dilemma

Which of the following is scarier? I have a really hard time deciding. (Thanks to maryrobinette  for introducing me to these.)

Happy Halloween!

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I Have Achieved Elmo

Princess Mia

I got a great letter from my friend Margo (of High School Reunion fame) the other day, and I had to share it. If you have any pictures of your kids with AlphaOops, please send them along!


My two year old daughter is beginning to learn her alphabet.  She has become enchanted with the story of Alpha Oops.  It is a must read at every nap time and every bed time.  She often brings it out during play to ‘read’ by herself.  She enjoys the colorful pictures of all the letters and objects throughout the book.  There is always something new for her to notice and talk about while we are reading.  I am sure we will be reading and enjoying Alpha Oops for many years to come.
Hope to see you soon!
Margo (and Mia)

PS – She had to take the book to nap with her the other day, too.  You have reached Elmo status.

I just fell over dead from Cute.

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Sk8er Girl: Week Two

Wobbly Jenny tries out the speed skates

I had been looking forward to last night’s Skate Night  all week long. By Monday at 4pm it had already been a helluva week. We invited about a billion people to come with us, but in the end it was just me and Jenny (a.k.a. "Jenger Snaps"). Not that we minded too much…it was still a great time.

This week we met a few more people (Jimmy, Andrea, Brendan), and concentrated on our "crossover" strategy. You know…when you’re going around the curve and you cross your right skate in front of your left skate. The thing is, you have to have enough strength in your left leg that your body’s not scared of attempting it. (Why did none of this bother us when we were 10?) I remembered how to do it eventually. Jenny had a pretty bad fall while concentrating too much. It’s still something we need to work on. At the same time, it’s liberating that we’re totally okay with totally sucking.

This week I also tried a slightly larger skate and two pairs of socks. Of course, since I stayed on the rink longer, what hurts most this morning are my knee and my feet. Turns out even two socks are not the solution to having no padding at the bottom of those skates. (I’ve already got an idea for next time.) In the meantime, I went home, cleaned up, and then ministered to my blister according to Alex Kava‘s advice (lance & alcohol). This morning you can’t even tell there’s a sore. Amazing!

Oh, my feet still know it’s there. Painfully. Yes they do. I’ll be limping around the office today. But it will be a happy limp.
Have a great day!

Ouch! Fun with blisters.

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Books In Your Pants

I love John Green. I might have mentioned that sometime this summer, after I went to Michigan to meet him and Dan John Miller (who read John’s Paper Towns on audio). Someone directed me to one of John’s Brotherhood 2.0 videos today, and I thought it important that I share it with you.

Incidentally, I just finished cleaning off my bookshelf at work. Let’s see…what fun titles do I have here that we could play with?

The Black Moth
C. E. Murphy’s Hands of Flame
Ken Scholes Lamentation (heehee)
Best New Horror
Tales from the Perilous Realm
The Queen’s Lady
The Black Star Passes

…and, my favorite, I Didn’t Know God Made Honkeytonk Communists.

Whatcha got on your bookshelf?

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Books:$10. Crazy Picture: Free!

Don’t have your copy of Beauty & Dynamite yet? Good news!

All our trade paperbacks on sale for $10

We here at Apex Publications always get a little over-excited for the haunting season. To celebrate this witching season, we’re using our own special blend of hocus pocus to brew up a spectacular Halloween Sale!

Until Halloween night at midnight, all Apex paperback books are on sale for only $10*! Don’t miss out on this horrifyingly good deal. Snatch up what you can until the clock tolls twelve and the to-die-for savings are put back in to rest in their wormy beds. Visit our store to place your order today!

Join in the crusade to put Beauty & Dynamite on the back of toilet tanks everywhere!
(It’s coming on Christmas…I bet you know lots of people with toilets…)

As a bonus, here’s your Crazy Picture of Lee. (What’s the day without a crazy picture of Lee?)

Courtesy of James Work

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Me & Jenny Hime

The lovely agent extraordinare Jenny Rappaport is currently reading Beauty & Dynamite, and she asked me to please write an essay for the "Book Block" feature on her blog, LIT SOUP. In return, I asked her to say a few words of her own. I didn’t realize they were going to make me cry.

Alethea is a magic fairy princess of a person. She is incredibly human and honest; she tells you how things fall like she sees them, all with just the slighest bit of gentility as befits a Southern gal. She has the best accent, one I can’t even begin to replicate, but which probably comes from her having been raised in a Greek family that’s lived in both Vermont and South Carolina, among other places. She’s funny and kind and always spares an ear to listen. Oh, and she’s a kick-ass writer too.

She was my gateway drug to Doctor Who, has convinced me to voluntarily eat green chiles in cornbread, and owns the coolest house. She’s also the only person in the world who is allowed to call me Jenny-Hime. I love her dearly.

Her book is well worth reading.

Read the rest of Jenny’s intro, and my essay, here.

Me & Jenny-Hime, World Fantasy Convention, Austin 2006

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Weather I Like It Or Not

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I’ve been waiting for a day like that all year. High in the seventies, low in the fifties. Last Wednesday it was 85/65. By Saturday, it was 63/45. Wha–?!? SEVENTY-SOMETHING. Perfect weather. Is that too hard to manage?

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Seventy, with a breeze. And it was a Monday, and I worked inside all day long, and then somebody told me I didn’t act like I loved my job.

But it was still a beautiful day.

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Tea in Space: Zoe’s Tale

Tears, teen angst, and little green men! Join the Genre Chicks this month for tea and conversation as we sip some loose-leaf chai and discuss Zoe’s Tale, by John Scalzi.

General Rybicki joins us for a cuppa.
He was, apparently, "so blogging this."

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